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Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Bus Terminal

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Bus Terminal

Vaughan, Ontario


York Region Rapid Transit


Diamond Schmitt Architects

Project Completion Date

June, 2018

Type of Contract

Lump Sum

Project Value



The Work of this Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Bus Terminal consists generally of the complete construction of:

  • an enclosed pavilion area consisting of an open public area faced with curtain wall, and two service areas that are clad in precast concrete that includes vertical transportation to the existing pedestrian tunnel by means of two new sets of stairways, two escalators, and one elevator;
  • enclosure and finishing of service rooms in the pedestrian tunnel area, accessed by means of the elevator and a set of service stairs;
  • floor, wall and ceiling finishes within the pedestrian tunnel;
  • two extended bus platforms for nine bus bays with canopy, roof and protected enclosures, facing an interior bus driveway;
  • primarily, the roof structure consists of major steel members, secondary members of heavy timber, and roof deck of cross laminated timber panels; and
  • a landscaped plaza that connects the Terminal to the streetscape and adjacent developments.