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Kingston Sun Solar

Kingston Sun Solar

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Notice of Public Community Meetings for Project Proposals Under the Large Renewable Procurement

The proponent identified below is proposing to submit a proposal to the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) to design, build, and operate a Large Renewable Project for the generation of electricity under the IESO’s Large Renewable Procurement (LRP).

The LRP is a competitive process for procuring large renewable energy projects generally larger than 500 kilowatts.  At the conclusion of the LRP, the IESO may award contracts for successful projects up to the specified procurement targets for each renewable fuel: 300 megawatts (MW) for wind, 140 MW for solar, 75 MW for waterpower, and 50 MW for bioenergy.

This notice is being distributed to notify members of the public of a public community meeting that has been scheduled to discuss the Large Renewable Project proposal.  Information regarding the proponent, the Large Renewable Project proposal, and the meeting details are described below.

This public community meeting is being held as part of the early community engagement requirements of the LRP.  The public community meeting will present details about the Large Renewable Project and its proposed connection line.  Representatives of the proponent will be available to discuss the Large Renewable Project and the overall LRP process.  Should this Large Renewable Project be awarded a contract, the Large Renewable Project would need to obtain all required permits and approvals and conduct any further required community engagement activities.

Further details regarding the LRP are available at

Public community meeting information

Kingston Sun Solar Location: Cataraqui Community Centre, 1030 Sunnyside Rd, Kingston ON
Kingston Sun Solar Date: Thursday, July 30th, 2015
Kingston Sun Solar Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Proponent and the Large Renewable Project proposal

Proponent: Bondfield NCC Solar LP I
Qualified Applicant from the LRP Request for Qualifications stage associated with the proponent: Bondfield Construction Company Limited
Name of the Large Renewable Project proposal: Kingston Sun Solar
Renewable fuel of the Large Renewable Project: Non-rooftop Solar
Proposed capacity of the Large Renewable Project (MW): Up to 19MW AC
Proposed connection point of the Large Renewable Project: 44.314,-76.575 or 44.318, -76.572

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Notice of Public Community Meeting (posted July 9, 2015)

Proposed location of the Large Renewable Project and proposed connection line

The Kingston Sun Solar Project is proposed to be located on lots 11 & 12, Concession 5 and Lots 10 & 11, Concession 6 in the City of Kingston.  The Connection Line is proposed to connect to the Hydro One Networks Inc.  M3 feeder line located on the north side of Unity Road.  Due to the Sites proximity to the existing feeder line, the Connection Line would be approximately 50 meters in length.