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As Energy Costs Rise, Building Owners and Facility Managers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of intelligent building design – design that considers overall energy consumption and conservation.  This shift is also being reinforced through various Government Programs designed to drive adoption of renewable technologies within the province.  The Green Energy and Economy Act and its Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program is one of the most aggressive incentive programs of its kind.  It is a clear indication by the Government of Ontario of their commitment to reducing our carbon footprint part of its overall “green energy” goals as identified in their most recent Long Term Energy Plan.  Building Owners and Energy Developers alike are taking advantage of these incentives through long term Power Purchase Agreements to do their part to ensure a cleaner future for generations to come.


Solar PV has experienced significant growth and advancement over the past two decades and has become a reliable and sought after technology for clean and relatively maintenance-free power production.  With a resource of 89,000TW the sun generates enough energy to deliver almost 6,000 times the power required to satisfy the entire planet needs.  While the industry is still in its early stages when compared with fossil fuels and nuclear, the benefits of solar PV are numerous, with a market ripe for considerable advancement.

Solar PV Applications and Design (Rooftop): the use of solar PV technologies in today’s modern landscapes is a challenge from both a structural and economic standpoint — not every building will accommodate a solar PV system.  Bondfield’s breath of construction knowledge and depth of experience within the municipal and institutional sectors enable us to deliver best of breed in solar solutions for our customers — solar PV solutions that contemplate building life cycles and your bottom-line.  Through our solar PV design experts and structural engineers we work closely to deliver a solar PV system that maximizes ROI while minimizing building impact.

Solar PV Applications and Design (Ground Mount): For long-term success with utility scale solar projects, developers need to work with civil and electrical contractors that pride themselves on their attention to detail.  Overall project management must also be in place to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery.  That’s the smart way to begin a long-term PPA.

At Bondfield, we can manage your project from start to finish and anything in between, including 3D solar system design / modelling to ensure minimized shading impacts based on terrain, straight through to site monitoring and maintenance.

Solar PV Applications and Design (Rooftop)

Solar System Design

  • Site surveying
  • 3D solar system design/modelling
    (advanced shading analysis)
  • Civil and Electrical Engineering

Civil Works

  • Site prep - Grubbing & Clearing
  • Grading and Excavation
  • Access roads and drainage
  • Site facilities and fencing
  • Trenching and Service Layouts
  • Foundations and Racking

Electrical and Utility Works

  • Panel installation
  • DC wiring and combiners
  • Inverter Installation
  • Transformers, switchgear and substation
  • SCADA controls and transfer trip
  • Testing, commissioning and start-up

Operations, Maintenance and Monitoring

  • System maintenance and monitoring
  • Weather Station Monitoring
  • Property maintenance and site security

We Are Committed — as one of the leaders in green construction, we are expanding that commitment with a focus on the renewable energy market.  As project developers and their financiers work to assist the Ontario Power Authority in delivering their long-term energy plans, Bondfield stands as a proven name in construction committed to this critical market.