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Sunnybrook Foundation is very thankful to have so many supportive donors

Posted: Jul 10/17

John Aquino

John Aquino
President of Bondfield
Construction Company Limited

John Aquino of Bondfield Construction knows more than anyone what it takes to build a hospital – quite literally.

“It’s astonishing to see what Sunnybrook does for its patients,” explains John Aquino, President of Bondfield Construction Company Limited.  “Patients often arrive at the hospital unconscious and dependent on life support.  Their lives are in very real danger.  When we see them later, alert and capable of speaking, it’s like night and day.  We see these success stories all the time.”

John knows first-hand that Sunnybrook offers patients first-class care.  He has been a patient at Sunnybrook, and the care he received vastly exceeded his expectations.

“Sunnybrook does not get all the resources it needs from the public sector to do the incredible job it does,” states John.  "Dale [Orlando] and I feel it is essential for the business and legal communities to support the hospital, no matter what the economy is doing.  In fact, in tough economic times, giving is more important than ever.”

“This is my community.  I know a lot of people who have been cared for at Sunnybrook, and they have always spoken so highly of the care they received,” explains John Aquino, President of Bondfield Construction Company Limited.  “A lot of people don’t know that Sunnybrook serves Ontario, not just Toronto.  There are a lot of people throughout our province who depend on Sunnybrook for specialized care when it’s really needed.”

John Aquino sees this first-hand.  Building hospitals is an area of expertise for Bondfield Construction, so the family behind the company is in a unique position to see how upgrades to Sunnybrook’s aging infrastructure are essential to patient care.

“Building for the future of a hospital this size is a massive undertaking,” notes John.  “It takes many gifts from many donors to make it happen.  We’re so pleased to be part of that.”

“We do construction projects throughout the GTA, including ones at Sunnybrook.  As soon as I started working on these sites, I knew I wanted to be part of building Sunnybrook in more ways than one.”  This is why Bondfield Construction, a family business owned and operated by John, his brother Steve and their father, Ralph, financially supports Sunnybrook.