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LEED Experience

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Algoma Public Health Unit
Algoma Public Health Unit Algoma Public Health Unit


Algoma Public Health Unit

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario


Algoma Public Health


EPOH Inc., Architects and Consulting Engineer

Project Completion Date

November, 2011

Type of Contract

Lump Sum

Project Value



Its design has sustainable building features that include increasing energy efficiency and the potential for use of wind and solar energy.  It achieved LEED Gold Certification.

The Algoma Public Health building also includes the selection of materials that have a high life cycle.

Situated on the northwest corner of the campus, the half circular design implies there is an alternate entrance for campus visitors at the rear of the building, yet preserves the college site.

The shared space of the new 70,000 square-foot-building was built adjacent to the westerly portion of the school.  The exterior includes aspects of the existing hospitality building linked to it, such as the brown brick façade.

Algoma Public Health offices were spread out at six sites throughout the city and this new facility consolidates services under one roof.

The facility includes four large classrooms/auditoriums, a high tech learning centre to allow for video conferencing and long-distance education, and a health promotion hall, which serves to bridge the campus facility with the new public health unit.

Algoma Public Health’s building includes four quadrants, repeated on each of the three storeys.  The two-storey public entrance, which is naturally lit, allows for displays and educational components for students to have exposure to public health.

Meeting and conference rooms compose one quadrant and the remaining house program and departmental areas.