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Correctional Facilities

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Central Ontario East Correctional Facility
Central Ontario East Correctional Facility Central Ontario East Correctional Facility

Central Ontario East Correctional Facility

Lindsay, Ontario


Ontario Realty Corporation


Zawadzki Armin Stevens Architects
Parkin Architects

Project Completion Date

February, 2002

Type of Contract

Design Build

Project Value



The Central East Correctional Centre (CECC) is a 1,184-bed multi-purpose correctional facility, consisting of six pods of 192 beds each for male accommodation (1,152), and a separate 32-bed female unit.  It houses inmates in a maximum security setting who are serving sentences of up to two years less a day, as well as those on remand awaiting court proceedings.

  • The CECC has been built on approximately 35 hectares of land in the City of the Kawartha Lakes and is approximately 10 acres under roof.  The institution includes areas for rehabilitation, programming, an infirmary and separate buildings for an industrial work program.
  • All inmate-occupied areas are surrounded by a 16-foot fence, topped with 300 metres of razor ribbon.  All doors, windows, locks and perimeter walls are built to maximum security standards. The building has more structural steel than the CN Tower.
  • The facility features the most advanced security technology and includes 21 different security systems.  Closed-circuit television is designed to enhance sight lines for correctional officers and allows for the simultaneous viewing of several indoor and outdoor areas.  The six video court suites will reduce the need for offender transportation to and from court for short court appearances.
  • The design is unique in Canada and features six inter-connected octagonal “pods”.  Each pod contains six living units, an enclosed exercise yard, and dedicated program and visiting areas.  Meals and health care services are brought to the living units to reduce inmate movement throughout the facility.
  • Living units have 16 cells, each accommodating two offenders.  This design features clear and unobstructed sight lines between correctional officers and inmate living areas and a small number of inmates per housing unit.
  • Core support services include a medical infirmary, a 40-bed segregation unit, a meal preparation facility, a separate inmate industries building and administrative office space.
  • The separate female unit is inaccessible to male inmates and accommodates 32 female offenders.  Also included are separate programming areas, recreation yard, medical and segregation units and an admissions and discharge area for female offenders.