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Parkway Forest Re-urbanization
Parkway Forest Re-urbanization Parkway Forest Re-urbanization

Parkway Forest Re-urbanization

Toronto, Ontario


Elad Canada Inc.


WZMH Architects

Project Completion Date

September, 2012

Type of Contract

Lump Sum

Project Value



Adding to the ongoing success of the overall Parkway Forest Development, the Parkway Forest Re-urbanization Project provides additional residential diversity and choice to an overall revitalization project that tackles the unique challenge of transforming a 1960s “garden city” development of suburban towers into a denser, more urban and intensified community.  Catalyzed by the construction of the Sheppard subway in the 1990s, the Parkway Forest Development master plan introduced the idea of infill at a community scale: existing high-rise rental apartments are infilled with new residential buildings, including a mid-rise street-edge podium that creates a more urban feel, new towers (ranging from 25 to 36 storeys,) townhouses and a mix of unit sizes and ownership models ranging from rental to condominium.  The plan emphasizes pedestrian connections, including a series of courtyards between the new and old buildings, and a landscaped pedestrian route that runs between the subway to the north and parkland to the south.

This phase of the development comprises the design and construction of a 7-storey rental apartment building with a gross floor area of approximately
11,698 m2.  Included in the development program is the addition of 1,455 m2 of underground parking (89 spaces) and the hard and soft landscaping of over 4,979 m2 of surrounding grounds.