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Keele Street Public School
Keele Street Public School Keele Street Public School

Keele Street Public School

Toronto, Ontario


Toronto District School Board


Moriyama & Teshima Architects

Project Completion Date

August, 2015

Type of Contract

Lump Sum

Project Value



The Keele Street Public School new scope of work includes a new 1,751 m2 addition to the existing elementary school as well as various existing classroom renovations.  The proposal also includes an exterior covered stair to replace the existing ramp, which connects Mountview Avenue to the playfield.  The existing parking will expand from 23 spaces to 38 spaces, and will include repaving of asphalt surfaces and new sod, mulch, pavers and vegetation throughout the site.

The new addition is planned for the south/west portion of the existing building and entails a 2-storey-plus-basement brick and block construction with core slab and concrete floors.  It will be imbedded into the 1.5 storey steeply sloped embankment on Mountview Avenue creating a 1-1.5 storey building along the street side and a 3 level building along the play field side.  Piling and shoring will be required along the west side to mitigate the variation in elevation.

The program for the proposed addition will include 8 new classrooms, a Music room, Science/Tech room, Art room, Workroom, Childcare room and Mechanical room.  The new building will be attached to the existing building by means of a glass enclosed link on all 3 levels.

The existing school renovation involves reprogramming of 3 existing classrooms to full day kindergarten rooms.  New work will include new washrooms to 2 of the classrooms, and new sinks, drinking fountains, millwork and repainting to all 3.  Two existing washrooms on the lower level will be refurnished with new fixtures throughout.